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Welcome to the Lantern Affiliate Program 

By joining the Lantern affiliate program, you can earn commissions on referred new customers and sales, either through banner ads, promo codes, or text links on your site or email. 

Join our community by registering with one of our current affiliate platforms (linked below) to sign up. Once approved, you'll start earning a percentage of the qualifying purchases that you refer us. 

The benefits:

–  Competitive commission on qualified sales, excluding fees, taxes, discounts

– Eligibility for commission on new customer referrals and sales originating from your site or email within 30 days  

– Additional collaboration opportunities available 

How does it work?

Lantern affiliates can earn $50 on new customer referrals and qualifying sales that are referred to Lantern from a tracked ad or text link placed on their websites, emails or social profiles. You're paid for every new customer that makes a purchase, so those commissions can add up quick (which means you'll be ordering that premium drop for next weekend). 

The Lantern Affiliate Program is managed through the CannAffiliate network. The platform offers easy access to creative, including ready-to-roll banners and text links. 

How to join:

We have partnered with CannAffiliate; the largest cannabis affiliate network. Join our CannAffiliate program for free and earn $50.00 (USD) commission on every qualified sale. That's like a free gram for being a good friend.