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Traditional Hash - Citrique 3g Extract Hash

Traditional Hash - Citrique 3g


Traditional Hash - Citrique 3g

Hash or Hashish as it has traditionally been called in much of the middle east, Bhang or Charas in rural villages in India, is a cannabis concentrate consisting of heat pressed trichome heads that are separated from plant material. The trichome heads when separated from the plant are known to carry a much more potent ‘high’ than regular dried and cured flower. Its most often a solid ‘temple ball’ or ‘brick’ and varies from in color from strain to strain but is most often a chocolate brown complexion. It is brittle yet malleable which allows for the consumer to break off as much or as little from a hash cluster as needed. Hash as well is one of the worlds oldest concentrates, dating back nearly several thousand years to 900 AD. Although there are an incredible amount of origin stories for hash, no one truly knows how it was first discovered or by whom. Whatever the origins, Hash stands alone as one of the most celebrated of concentrates that has lasted through the centuries, carrying from one culture to the next. It wasn’t until the early 1870s that Hash was more thoroughly introduced to America and the western world by researchers England resulting in ‘Hash Clubs’ and commercial distribution of ‘Hash Candies’ until the times of prohibition. Now, we present for the first time in the great state of Massachusetts, Revolutionary Clinics first and limited release of our handmade traditional hash. Our hash is carefully crafted by hand under heat and pressure using only the finest trichome heads. We then cure the hash for a minimum of 3 weeks where it is kept in a cool climate to preserve the stability and fine aroma in the terpenes that hash is most known for. The concentrate is best consumed by vaporizing, smoking in a pipe of choice, put into a bong or even broken up or snaked into a joint. The possibilities are endless.

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