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Durban Live Sand Concentrate Hash

Durban Live Sand


Durban Live Sand

This South African sativa is known for its uplifting and energetic effects, making it a great strain for the daytime or for when you need to get things done! What are the common effects? Most consumers reported feeling energetic, happy, and uplifted. A fine THCa extract starting with fresh-frozen cannabis that's expertly extracted and ran through a purification process to create a potent concentrate that's sand-like in appearance and consistency. Affordable and versatile, sand is the perfect option for adding to dabs, bowls, and 'rolls. What is Bubble Hash? Bubble Hash is made from a process that uses ice water to extract the THC from the cannabis plant by adding the buds to bags of ice water that are called “bubble bags”, where it gets its name from. This is a solventless extraction method and it comes in a range of colors, lighter colors often indicates better quality. How to use? Bubble hash can be added to a joint, sprinkled on top of a bowl of flower, or add it alone to a bowl. If smoking without flower makes sure to use a bowl/pipe with a narrow hole/screen, this prevents the hash from falling down the hole. *Disclaimer: Please note that the actual packaging may vary from what is displayed in the picture. High Supply is quality weed that's always available. Our buds are expertly grown, lab-tested and available in vape carts, vape pens, flower, popcorn, shake, pre-rolls, shorties and concentrates. Whether you’re a fan of sativa, indica or hybrid, you’ll always have weed on hand with High Supply.

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