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Blue Raspberry Live Rosin Chews Edibles Candy Fruit Chews

Blue Raspberry Live Rosin Chews


Blue Raspberry Live Rosin Chews

PÂTE DE FRUIT CHEWS - Inspired by the elegant flow and organic beauty of freshly pressed premium rosin, MELTS are jam packed with all-natural fruit purée, solventless Colorado cannabis oil, pectin, and little else! INGREDIENTS: Purée, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Pectin, Solventlessly Extracted Cannabis Oil (Rosin). BENEFITS: All-Natural, Fruit Purée & Vegan-Friendly High standards from the very beginning. Born in 2009, Cheeba Chews™ has maintained one simple and clear mission: to provide an industry leading, consistently potent, and discreet cannabis infused edible solution. What makes Cheeba Chews™ so successful? It’s our high standards utilizing independent lab testing, product infusion, and genuine patient experience. You now have an edible that you can easily dose and regularly depend on. The variety of edibles in the Cheeba Chews™ product line helps to serve a wide demographic. From patients looking for Cannabidiol (CBD) for non-psychoactive relief, to those who require a high concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), our products are thoughtfully created and carefully infused. PRO TIP: Ensure easy opening by placing warm, soft taffy in the fridge for a minute before opening.

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