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Labor Day Weekend Guide to Cannabis 

4 Strains & Activities Perfect for Labor Day Weekend

Carolyn BerkAugust 31, 2021

The official unofficial 'end' of Summer, Labor Day Weekend is upon us and we're here to make sure this Summer ends on a high note. 

Whether you plan to use the changing of the seasons to celebrate with a PSL in hand, or are looking forward to enjoying all the fun that Labor Day Weedkend has to offer with your favorite outdoor activities, adding cannabis to the mix can elevate any experience. 

What weed strains should you bring along for all your LDW fun? Read on for the best strains to pair with all your adventures throughout weedkend and beyond!

1. Enjoy the great outdoors with Italian Ice

It doesn't matter if you're unraveling a picnic blanket, lacing up hiking boots or wheeling out a bike - there's no better way to mark Summer than appreciating nature. 

Bring the hybrid Italian Ice along for the ride if you're looking for relaxing yet social vibes. Known for its mood-elevating qualities, this strain can put you in the perfect state of mind to cherish the beauty of nature. 

Fruity flower fans will be saying “Que delizioso!" after one whiff or toke of a bowl of the bellisima Italian Ice strain. With hints of citrus and cherry, this approachable strain is generally lower in THC content, making it perfect for socializing and sharing with friends on a hike, at a concert, or at home before Sunday dinner.

Italian Ice's high terpene content evokes a plummy ambrosia of flavors that shine through from inhale to exhale, making this strain a popular choice for flavorful extracts and concentrates.

2. Tidy up with Strawberry Cough

Organization, but make it fun. The end of Summer isn't always all play. Cooling temperatures means it's time to throw open the windows for some crisp, fresh air, bust out the cleaning supplies and dedicate a day to some seasonal cleaning.

Before you start chasing away the dust bunnies, pause to sample the sativa strain Strawberry Cough. The invigorating euphoria this strain can inspire will give you the jolt of energy you need to vigorously vacuum all afternoon. Plus, there's no better way to celebrate Summer than with a fruity flower that actually smells like strawberries! 

Few strains have the versatility of Strawberry Cough, and even fewer have the star quality of the enigmatic sativa hybrid. The 2013 “Best Flower" recipient at the High Times Cannabis Cup stands alone in aesthetic beauty… something eclipsed only by its myriad of medicinal benefits. Strawberry Cough is more than just another pretty face.

3. Team up with Fruit Punch for lawn games  

Whether you're watching a game or playing in one, it's great to have cannabis on your team when enjoying sports. Not only can weed help you get your head in the game, but it can also be another great way to bond with fellow fans or team members.

The Sativa strain Fruit Punch is a great choice whether you're watching baseball or playing a pickup wiffle ball game with friends. This heavy-hitter is known for sparking energetic and happy vibes. Plus, many people say Fruit Punch helps them with pain management - perfect for aiding any post-game muscle aches. 

Coming in at up to 25% THC, the flavorful Fruit Punch hybrid cannabis strain is known to hit hard and fast with its euphoric high. Similar to its Haze sativa ancestor, Fruit Punch tastes herbal and floral when burned, and can make for a flavorful concentrate.

4. Flo for your inner green thumb 

In many regions, LDW means two things are right around the corner: leaf peeping and harvest season. Whatever the activity, it only makes sense to partner your puff plans with the harvest from a cannabis plant. 

Sativa dominant Flo pairs perfectly with any gardening activity. It's uplifting zest can help you plough through your tasks, and its reputation for helping patients with pain management can be handy if you suffer any aches after hours of kneeling and weeding.

Looking for a cannabis strain that provides both mental clarity and a sensual body high? Go with the Flo! Those who try Flo report feeling energetic and uplifted. Flo's indica side balances out this buzz and helps consumers feel focused and introspective.These qualities make Flo a great strain for when you want to productively work on creative projects or have a deep conversation with friends about the mysteries of the universe.

Carolyn Berk Lantern Author 
Carolyn Berk
Carolyn Berk got her start working in both radio and TV before applying her journalism skills to the cannabis industry. She is currently a content marketer and an active member of the New England cannabis community.