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Flower refers to the picked, dried, and cured buds of the cannabis plant. Smoking ground flower is one of the oldest methods of cannabis consumption and it remains popular today for good reason — the effects are immediate, it’s versatile in it’s formats, and it can make for an enjoyable social or solo activity. 



Discover a cerebral, energizing effect. With higher levels of THC, sativa is known to spark creativity, kick up conversation, and elevate mood. This is a great option for social gatherings, or if you’re looking to increase focus and combat creative fatigue. Physically-speaking, sativa plants tend to be tall with skinny, bright green leaves.


These seriously soothing strains will help you relax and unwind. Indica’s higher levels of CBD often result in a more mellow, sedating high. It’s perfect for easing aches and pains and can aid with sleep and increase appetite. These plants are generally shorter with broad, dark green leaves.


Hybrid strains are created when crossing sativa and indica plants together, and the effects vary based on the combination of parent strains used. They range from indica-dominant strains to sativa-dominant ones, with a handful of evenly crossbred varieties as well. Hybrid strains can even be formed with 3 plus parent strains, so you can always find your perfect fit, no matter the intended effect.


Flower potency is measured by the total combination of cannabinoids in the strain and you’ll find it expressed as a percentage with the THC and CBD values listed respectively. When consumed responsibly, effects kick in instantaneously and can last anywhere from a half hour to three hours depending on your dose and tolerance.


Flower is activated through heat application, which is why it’s most often smoked or vaporized. You can buy flower buds whole and mill them yourself (by hand or with a grinder) to roll in a joint, pack in a pipe or bong, or use in a dry-herb vape. You can also purchase pre-rolled joints in a variety of quantities and sizes. 


Whole flower buds are often sold as single grams or eighths (as in ⅛ of an ounce, or 3.5 grams). Pre-roll joints are often sold as a single gram bought individually or in packages of 2 or more.