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*Cannabinoid information is sourced from dispensaries. Information may vary for the products available for delivery to your address.


Edibles are cannabis products that you eat or drink. When ingesting edibles, the cannabinoid content is processed by your digestive system as opposed to being absorbed by the lungs, as with smoking or vaporizing. This is why edibles take longer to kick in and can be longer lasting. They're a fantastic option if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without smoking. Not only are they easy to dose and accessory-free, but edibles are also straight-up delicious.


Edibles vary widely in their ingredients, including how much THC they contain. Dispensary products will always indicate the dosing on their packaging in milligram measurements, and the nature of the effects may vary depending on your physiology and tolerance. When considering edibles it’s important to remember that, since they take longer for your body to absorb, it can take longer for the effects to kick in (anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours). More importantly, the cannabinoids stay present in your body for longer. If consumed responsibly via proper dosing, edibles can last between four and eight hours.


These days dispensary edibles come in many different forms, from chocolate bars, chews, and bites to gummies, lozenges, drinks, and drops. Before ingesting, be sure to read the dosing recommendation on the packaging.


1 - 2.5 mg - Perfect for first-time users and those newer to cannabis consumption. Effects include mild relief of pain, stress, and anxiety, plus increased focus and creativity.

2.5 - 15 mg - Good for average cannabis users, as well folks experiencing symptoms not allayed by smaller doses. Effects include stronger relief of pain, stress, and anxiety.

30 - 50 mg  Appropriate for experienced cannabis users and those with a higher tolerance. Effects include significant relief of pain, as well as euphoria.

50 - 100 mg - Exclusive to extremely-high tolerance cannabis users or medical patients living with inflammatory disorders, cancers, and other conditions.