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Sleep Cartridge

VapeDistillate Vape
Sleep Cartridge Vape Distillate Vape

About this Sleep Cartridge

Astaria cartridges are thoughtfully crafted in our Fitchburg MA, facility where cutting edge extraction technology meets our custom terpene blends. THC, CBD, and CBN are synergistically paired to create a TOTALLY UNIQUE, ultra accurate, and rigorously tested 3-cannabinoid vaporizer cartridge unlike anything that's come before. Designed to support better sleep, Astaria's proprietary formula targets the underlying issues that limit restful sleep. Patients report falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer, and feeling more rested. Description provided by Revolutionary Clinics - Cambridge

  • PeterVerified Buyer08/14/20

    Very smooth! I need something to sleep, and this does the job!

  • Michael LeiVerified Buyer07/30/20

    Astoria Sleep is my Go-To when suffering from insomnia. From the first time I tried it, it was something I knew I would enjoy knowing how well it works. Unfortunately..... when it first came out, the price point was appropriate, but because of its popularity, the price has increased to the point where I can only purchase it occasionally. I think this is disappointing due to my income level. I’d wish they could do something different for those whom are completely disabled and live on extremely low income.