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Northern Lights 1:1 Cartridge Vape Distillate Cartridge

Northern Lights 1:1 Cartridge


Northern Lights 1:1 Cartridge

This pure indica is a cross with old school Afghani and Thai landrace strains, Northern Lights is among the most popular strains. Beautiful THC coated buds offer a spicy and sweet aroma. This pure indica leaves consumers completely relaxed, helps relieve pain, and mellowness can help aid sleep. The perfect strain for the end of the night. What are the effects? Most users reported feeling relaxed and happy. What is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol and is the part of the cannabis plant that is known for its healing qualities. Most consumers report that CBD provides relief for pain, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. CBD alone is “non psychoactive” that allows consumers to reap the benefits without the high. CBD can be smoked through flower/concentrates, consumed through edibles/tinctures, and applied to the body through topicals. Some products include CBD and THC for consumers to enjoy the high with all the CBD benefits. What is a Distillate Cartridge? Cartridges that are made with Distillate cannabis extract are known for their potency and versatility. This extraction method leaves the final product stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid that is achieved through a refinement process that separates compounds from cannabis plant matter. How to use? Cartridges offer users a range of benefits in a compact package. To use, simply attach your cartridge to a compatible 510 thread battery (sold separately), inhale, and enjoy! Northern Lights (Terpenes) Terpinolene Beta-Caryophyllene Limonene Myrcene Beta-Pinene Trans-Ocimene Alpha-Pinene Alpha-Terpineol Linalool Delta-3-Carene Alpha-Phellandrene Fenchyl Alcohol Alpha-Terpinene Alpha-Bisabolo Geraniol Camphene Camphor Alpha- Humulene Ocimene Sabinene Alpha-Cedrene Menthol lsoborneol. Device Materials: glass, stainless steel, lead-free copper, silicon, non-woven fabric. This product has been tested for contaminants, including Vitamin E Acetate, with no adverse findings. This product was produced using terpenes derived from sources other than cannabis. WARNING: Vaporizer products may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled. Full testing results are available upon request.

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