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Master Kush  Distillate Cartridge Vape Cartridges Distillate Cartridges

Master Kush Distillate Cartridge

5(3 Reviews)

Master Kush Distillate Cartridge

Master Kush may be a relaxing, yet focused strain. Effects may include: - Mild onset - Deep relaxation - Anxiety relief - Drowsiness Vaporizer Cartridges contain refined distillate oil produced utilizing either butane, ethanol, or CO2 techniques. Customers may request a copy of the associated testing results. This product was produced using terpenes derived from sources other than cannabis. Manufacturer Jupiter; Components Atomizer; Atomizer Coil Composition Ceramic. The product of crossing two heavily-indica dominant landraces indigenous to the Hindu Kush Mountains, Master Kush is as close to a pure indica as it gets. Its magnified Kush terpene profile almost serves as an alarm for what is one of the most hard-hitting indica varieties on the planet. Master Kush brings centuries of cannabis genetics to modern-day consumers. What are the effects? Most users reported feeling relaxed, stress relief, and sleepy. What is a Distillate Cartridge? Cartridges that are made with Distillate cannabis extract are known for their potency and versatility. This extraction method leaves the final product stripped of all materials and compounds except one specific cannabinoid that is achieved through a refinement process that separates compounds from cannabis plant matter. How to use? Cartridges offer users a range of benefits in a compact package. To use, simply attach your cartridge to a compatible 510 thread battery (sold separately), inhale, and enjoy!

5(3 Reviews)
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