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Nf1 Fills Litt Distillate Applicator Concentrate Distillate Applicator

Nf1 Fills Litt Distillate Applicator


Nf1 Fills Litt Distillate Applicator

Sativa - Litt is our premium distillate formulated with cannabis derived terpenes - sourced from the highest quality Bay State genetic material. We start by extracting the botanical plant material from our genetic library, which encompasses the full terpene profile, where it is delicately handled and isolated. Those terpenes will then be reintroduced through a formulation to our distillation fractions. Deconstructing the chemical profiles, removing the undesirables, and meticulously creating this tier of ultra premium oils. -From our friends at Commonwealth Alternative Care Want to be a scientist but aren't good at eyeballing mililiters from miligrams? A distillate applicator comes with graduated lines to help you measure your extract for discreet, precise cannabis consumption. Distillate is the purest cannabis available, and you can consume it anywhere because its smoke is odorless! You can use distillate in vapes, dabs, in a joint, or direct oral consumption. Choose your own journey here.

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