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What are edible brownies? Brownies are edible baked goods that come in a variety of shapes and concentrations. Like other edibles, users may opt for brownies instead of flower because brownies offer a tastier, easier, and more convenient method of ingesting cannabis products (vs. smoking or vaporizing). How to consume? Bite in! As edibles are digested and absorbed by your stomach and liver, the effects often take longer to feel vs. other consumption methods, so start slow and enjoy! About the brand: Detroit Fudge Company is a Michigan based company and baker of cannabis infused goodness, with a philosophy of only using the finest ingredients and medicine, handcrafted in a way that you will not only taste the difference but feel it as well. Their goal is to keep customers satisfied with all of their products!

  • Floren DinwieddieVerified Buyer08/14/20

    It was really dry and flavorless, not at all like the fudge or the chocolate bars!

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