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Cranberry Sage 2:4 Social Tonic Edibles Beverages

Cranberry Sage 2:4 Social Tonic


Cranberry Sage 2:4 Social Tonic

Each can has 2 mg THC | 4 mg CBD What is a beverage? Cannabis beverages are infused drinks such as tonics, sodas, punches, and more! Now enjoy refreshing beverages with a kick. Like other edibles, users may opt for gummies instead of flowers because beverages offer an easier and more convenient method of ingesting cannabis products (vs. smoking or vaporizing). What are sublingual edibles? Sublingual means they are to be held under the tongue, or completely dissolved in the mouth before swallowing. This allows the THC to be absorbed through the tissues of the mouth and directly into the bloodstream. Unlike edibles that are digested and absorbed by your stomach and liver, sublingual edibles offer a faster onset, shorter duration, and lower intensity than traditional oral cannabis edibles. How to consume? Take a sip! As edibles are digested and absorbed by your stomach and liver, the effects often take longer to feel vs. other consumption methods, so start slow and enjoy! Launching with a limited-edition flavor: Cranberry Sage (with cranberries AND cannabis sourced from MA)! Talk about a winter warmer. Cann's limited-edition flavor is a delicious mix of tart and savory, plus it's perfectly dosed to give you the uplifted buzz everyone needs this season. With no hangover, 6 all-natural ingredients, and only 30 calories per can, Cranberry Sage is perfectly crafted to be your go-to treat all winter long. Micro dosed with 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per serving for a balanced, uplifted social buzz. Quick 10-15 minute onset time. Ingredients: carbonated water, cranberry juice, agave nectar, cannabis extract, botanically-derived CBD extract, and sage. About the brand: Cann is reshaping social drinking with their microdosed beverages that deliver a perfect, uplifting feeling every time. Using simple, all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, each Cann is low on calories and provides a more controlled and sessionable approach to cannabis consumption. Now you can enjoy a light social buzz during your next Zoom happy hour, socially-distanced dinner party, or outdoor adventure. Pick up a six-pack and have more than one because you cann. Did we mention it's refreshing and delicious? *Disclaimer: Please note that the actual packaging may vary from what is displayed in the picture.

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