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Cannabis accessories are anything you need to prepare, smoke, vaporize, or ingest cannabis.  From basic rolling papers and pipes to sophisticated dab mats and rigs, you can find cannabis accessories to accommodate every kind of method of consumption and smoking style. 

Flower is often smoked out of a pipebubblerbongchillum or one-hitter; rolled into a joint or blunt using rolling papersrolling trays, or rollers; or vaporized via a dry-herb vapeGrinders are commonly used to break up the full bud into smaller pieces, and lighterstorches, or wicks are required to burn the flower into smoke. Stash storages can be used to keep your flower fresh and your space odor-free.

Vape cartridges and pods are used with vaporizers or batteries, which sometimes also require a battery charger.

Concentrates are usually used with dab rigs. Common concentrate accessories include dab matsbangers, and dab tools, as well as a heat source such as lighters or torches.