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Moon Drops PAX Pod Vape Pax Pod

Moon Drops PAX Pod


Moon Drops PAX Pod

PAX Pods are compatible with PAX Era & PAX Era Life Batteries. Purple Urkle X Do-Si-Dos; A slightly Indica dominant hybrid strain with a flavor on the lighter side, with a sweet grape taste that transforms with skunky spices upon exhale. Named for its sleepy high and gorgeous appearance, possible lifted and relaxing effects that maybe perfect for helping you get ready for bed at the end of a long and stressful day Experience DRiP with a PAX Era. PAXSmart™ pods remember your favorite temperature and dose settings, so you can enjoy each strain and flavor exactly how you like it. Connect to the PAX Android App or Apple WebApp and use PAX's new PodID to see exactly what's inside - including detailed strain, producer, and test-results info. NO ADDITIVES - NO NONSENSE - CANNABIS DERIVED Strain-specific DRiP Distillate is created by combining DRiP STRiPPED THC Distillate with Co2 extracted cannabis terpenes. DRiP Distillate provides high cannabinoid content, while reintroduced terpenes add some taste and effects of the flower from which it was extracted. DRiP is produced exclusively by CommCan at its 60,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art cultivation facility in Medway, MA. DRiP cartridges are quality assured, filled with the concentrate of premium CommCan-grown cannabis flower, and made with no harmful additives of any kind. *Pax Era Battery device sold separately.

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