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510 Variable Voltage Battery With Charger Accessories Batteries 510 Thread Batteries

510 Variable Voltage Battery With Charger

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510 Variable Voltage Battery With Charger

LO Preheat Battery Variable Voltage 510 Thread USB Charger Included Adjustable VV 350Mah Retail Packaging, Black Box Preheating Function Variable voltage Battery 1. Five touch for power on/off 2. Three touch adjust the battery voltage 3. Two touch preheating the oil 4. Pre-heating function Colors: White, Black, Stainless, Red, Blue Rechargeable 510 thread battery for use with 510 compatible cartridges How to use? Twist on your cartridge (sold separately), and follow instructions provided with battery! Luv Buds is a wholesale 420 store supplying vape pens, glass pipes, dab rigs, dab nails, pipe cleaner, water pipes, and other cannabis lifestyle products.

3(1 Reviews)
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